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The Italian Press has been most
Thursday, 22 May 2008 00:05

The Italian Press has been most kind to Peltech and both the Marine and Ocean product Divisions. While reviews are separately available and translated to English on both sites, we have included here current articles regarding product opinions and evaluations.

MARINE Articles:

?The Dream Testing? Nautech, February 2007
by Luigi Magliari Galante

One year ago, Peltech?s first thermotronic product was the protagonist in the NauTech cover story. Now, twelve months after its official launch, Mr.Galante writes about the evaluation of the DREAM, after being installed and tested on a sailing super yacht.

This article is most informative in regard to explaining the product technology as well as providing details that will satisfy the boat owner as well as those who are involved in the sales and installation of this exciting product line.

?Peltech Air Heating and Conditioning Systems? Nautica, June 2007
by Angelo Masia

The author immediately makes reference to the comforts that can be made possible by new ?tailored devices? for below the deck which are currently available. Additionally, there are several photos which show the units as well as how easily they are installed.


OCEAN Articles:

At the May ZooMark show in Bologna, what seemed to fascinate most of the visitors to our booth was how quiet the OceanGEOtronic? is when operating. Equally impressive was the lower levels of energy used in the process.

Warm or Cold: A Solution for All Seasons

This article was written by Mr. Hansmartin de Jong and appeared in the Italian Magazine called Aquarium this May. Mr. de Jong shares his impressions when he first tested GEOtronic? last year, and confirmed his liking of the units when recently testing the bigger and up to date versions of GEOtronic?.

?Test of the Peltech Water Thermoregulator? by Mr. Gilberto Hassan

This article was written for the Italian web site called Acquaportal; and contains some interesting graphics which facilitate the understanding of how simply the GEOtronic? product line functions and speaks to the quality of the materials Peltech use for all models.

?Comfort and Energy Savings in the Tank? by Gabriele Andreoni was published on the site Acquaportal

This is probably the most interesting and informative article which will appeal to all of those who own or who are thinking of purchasing an aquarium. It begins by educating us on how temperature is managed and controlled in tanks, and why this is so important to the health and procreation of fish. This writing is a must read for those who enjoy a simple and interesting explanations.

?The Correct Temperature: How to Avoid Overheating of Aquiariums? by Hansmartin de Jong. Aquarium Magazine May 2006

Mr. de Jong concludes his most educational and informative article by saying that ?the Ocean GEOtronic? has fully satisfied us, even when we put it under abnormal tests, especially when simulating the torrid summer heat? . The graphics in this article will be impressive as well as serve to simplify the understanding of the principals used in the technology.