Thermotronic Technology combines a solid state heat pump with an innovative electric control which was developed and patented by Peltech. This solution provides the ability to deliver small sized heat pumps which offer a high degree of precision, flexibility and reliability.

In addition to having a strong commitment to research and development, Peltech has also put into action a high level of engineering, applying its industrial product platform approach to their entire range of products. This results in the ability to create top performing devices which are modular, versatile and compact.

The key advantages offered by the GEOtronic? products in comparison with the most conventional compressor/condenser technology include:

Peltech continues to invest strongly in research to keep its? edge in the scientific development of thermoelectric semiconductors, which because of their evolution, are all of a sudden in the worldwide spotlight.


  • Adjustment accuracy
  • Versatility of use
  • Quiet operation
  • Durability and Reliability
  • Low and cost effective maintenance or servicing
  • Environmental compatibility

Peltech continues to participate in many thermoelectric research projects and collaborates proactively with the Energy Department of the Politernico di Milano, contributing to the training of university students and graduates. B.A. and/or PhD scholarships are awarded for the support of studies and research tasks aimed at technological innovation and special projects under development.

As a result of the manner in which it?s thermotronic technologies were implemented for the Marine GEOtroic? product line, Peltech has won prestigious international awards, such as the DAME Award, (Mets in Amsterdam), and the Qualitec Honours Mention, given at the SeaTec exhibition in Carrara.

To facilitate the appreciation of Peltech and it?s developments of both product and technology, there are terms that will appear frequently on this site:


Thermotronics is a science, a technology and resulting know-how which studies and develops the thermoelectric heat pumps and the relevant thermal processes. These processes are controlled with original design electronics in order to obtain a very high precision and tight control of the flow of heat, and of the temperature fields.


The Peltier Effect defines and describes the physics of the creation of a temperature difference and, subsequently, of positive and negative heat flows at the junctions between different (semi-) conductors when there is a flow of direct electric current. The physics of this effect was observed and described in 1834 by Jean Peltier, a French physicist. It occurs when an electric direct current (DC as opposed to AC) is passed through two dissimilar semiconductors (called N-Type and P-Type) that are connected to each other at two junctions (Peltier Junctions) The current drives a transfer of heat from one junction to the other: One junction cools off while the other heats up, the first becoming capable of absorbing heat, the second dissipating the heat at a different location.

Peltech uses the most advanced Peltier materials of bismuth-telluride class (the most industrialized thermoelectric technology) sandwiched by two high quality ceramic plates and controlled by an original and patented electronic control.

This system architecture provides a very efficient thermoelectric Peltier effect with; precise control of the temperature and a reversible effect: By changing the direction of the electric current, the side which was previously cooled down is heated up and visa versa.

Due to it?s first and quite successful product launch, the Peltech Ocean GEOtronic? models, which stabilize temperatures in aquariums, is certain to raise good questions and concerns which need to be understood by the Merchandise Managers in the big box retailers; by those who install commercial aquariums as well as the ultimate consumer who are dedicated to the healthy selection and maintenance of their home aquariums. Simply click here at Peltech Ocean Geotronic? and in a few pages you will better understand how and why the Ocean GEOtronic? models perform in the manner they do.



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