Marine Geotronic
The Peltech Marine GEOtronic?
line comprises five different product categories which are described below. You can click on any of the five products below which will take you to a photo along a listing of features, benefits, & specifications.

Thanks to the heat exchange system adopted in the GEOtronic? Dream range, these devices can quickly provide comfortable climate conditions to your cabin thanks to their high dehumidifying performance.The system exchanges the heat, which emanates from the dehumidifying process, directly with the sea water; while both eliminating dampness and cooling and/or heating the air. Dream | DreamPlus | MiniDream

The liquid-liquid heat exchange system employed in the GEOtronic? Pisolo 8.32 model, permits for climate conditions within your cabin to be achieved quickly, and is enhanced by it?s high dehumidifying and cooling performance. The system exchanges the cabin heat directly with the sea water which eliminates the dampness while cooling and/orheating the air. More details on the installation are showm on page 16 and 17. Pisolo_8.32 | Pisolo 12 e 24V

Dryboat is the talk among many when the subject of dehumidification is discussed. The engineering of Dryboat, based on thermotronic tecnology, was especially designed and developed to solve aboard dampness problems affecting boats in the water as well as those which are in storage or drydock.