Peltech: thermotronic appliances.

Peltech was founded during the latter part of 1999; and has since that time, maintained it?s commitment to focus on applied research and growing the technology of thermoelectricity. Today, Peltech is a successful manufacturing company developing and producing high-tech thermotronic systems, which results in the production of either finished products or components: Products which were designed for use by Peltech clients and customers to fulfill existing demands for a number of creative initiatives.

When wanting to provide explanations in the simplest form, we can say that Thermotronic technology combines a solid state heat pump with an innovative electric control (which was produced and patented by Peltech).This development provides the ability to deliver small-sized heat pumps, that offers a high degree of precision, flexibility and reliability.

In addition to having as part of it?s mission, a strong committment to research and development, Peltech has broadened their level of commitment to engineering, applying an ?industrial product platform approach? to all product groups.This results in the creation of top-performing devices which are modular, versatile and compact. The key advantages offered by Peltech GEOtronic? products in comparison with most conventional compressor/condenser-based technology include:


Peltech invests strongly in research to keep its edge and position of authority in the scientific development of thermoelectric semiconductors, which due to the very nature of evolution, are currently in the worldwide spotlight. Peltech participates in many thermoelectric research projects and collaborates proactively with the Milan Institute of Technology, contributing to the training of university students and graduates; awarding B.A. and/or Ph.D scholarships; supporting studies and research tasks aimed at technologic innovation as well as taking part in ?special development? projects.



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